Restless Leg Syndrome
No Estrogen Pills

Estrogen Pills May Contribute to Restless Leg Syndrome

by Peter Eckhart, MD

Artificial Synthetic Prescription Estrogens Cause Restless Leg Syndrome and Perimenopause (age 35-50) is characterized by estrogen production and no progesterone production.

Restless Leg Syndrome is in part Caused by taking Synthetic Estrogen and increases during the age of 35-50 because of unopposed estrogen without progesterone.

Estrogen pills may contribute to Restless Leg Syndrome. Taking too much estrogen causes Vitamin B deficiency and Magnesium Deficiency. A Vitamin B deficiency leads to a �crawling� sensation of the legs. A Magnesium Deficiency leads to muscles being tense and perhaps twitching. This syndrome is labled as Restless Leg Syndrome.

Postmenopause Women Produce 40% of Premenopause Estrogen Levels, but Almost Zero Progesterone

Post menopausal women produce 40% of the estrogen that they did before menopause. Post menopausal women produce Natural Progesterone levels less than 1% of premenopause levels. This leads to a Natural Estrogen Dominance. This Natural Estrogen Dominance (separate from xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens), leads to a desensitivity to estrogen. Taking topical Natural Progesterone allows the body to regain its original sensitivity to estrogen so it seems like you are getting more estrogen even when you are not. So estrogen pills can be cut back and eventually stopped.

Restless Leg Syndrom created by Estrogen dominance. Thus, taking topical natural progesterone makes the estrogen you already naturally have to be more effective.

Four sources of Estrogen

According to Dr. Lee, Theo Colborn, and other researchers, women in America and developed countries are receiving too much estrogen. Where does this estrogen originating from? First of all, the woman produces estrogen herself before and after menopause (and progesterone levels drop to almost zero). Second, she may be taking synthetic artificial estrogen by pill or by skin patch for hormone replacement or for birth control. Third, she may be getting estrogen effects from chemicals that pretend to be estrogens known as xenoestrogens. These xenoestrogens include estrogens fed to agricultural animals that we in turn eat, detergent break down products, plastic containers used for food and water, pesticides, and even spermicide. Fourth, she may be taking �healthy� products from the health food store that contain estrogenic herbs known as phytoestrogens.

A Woman Produces Estrogen in 2 Parts of Her Body

A woman produces estrogen in two places. The follicle on the ovary produces estrogen. The fat cells produce estrogen. Vitamins and Minerals deficiencies.If you have more fat, then you produce more estrogen. After menopause (after age 50), a woman�s estrogen production decreases to 30%-60% of premenopause levels. However, natural progesterone production decreases to less than 1% of premenopause levels. A heavy set woman after menopause will actually produce more estrogen than a skinny woman before menopause.

Anovulatory Menstrual Cycles

Around menopause, perimenopause (ages 30 - 50), a woman may have periods, but not ovulate. During a normal period, the follicle comes up, and like a pimple pops out an egg. Then, the used follicle becomes the corpus luteum. The corpus luteum produces Natural Progesterone. In contrast, during the perimenopause (ages 30-50) period, the follicle comes up, and does NOT pop out an egg. No corpus luteum is produced and NO progesterone is produced. This is called an anovulatory period. After the age of 35, some periods have eggs and progesterone and some periods do not.

Natural Progesterone drops tremendously after age 35.

Estrogen levels DO NOT decrease after age 35. Progesterone levels decrease to less than 1% after age 35.

Let me explain this again, since it is so important. Usually multiple eggs get ready to ovulate and form follicles on the ovary. The ovary produces estrogen. One follicle becomes dominant. That follicle ruptures, the egg is released, and all the other follicles become smaller and eventually disappear. The ruptured follicle is called the corpus luteum, and the ovary produces progesterone. Around perimenopause, SOMETIMES the dominant follicle DOES NOT rupture, the egg DOES NOT ovulate, the corpus luteum is NOT formed, and NO progesterone is produced. Thus, around the age of menopause, perimenopause, estrogen is produced, but LITTLE or NO progesterone is produced. This is known as an anovulatory cycle. This is a natural estrogen dominance independent of xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens.

Thus, at perimenopause and after menopause progesterone levels drop precipitously. This causes estrogen dominance.

I Started Topical Natural Progesterone and Now My Restless Leg Syndrome is Worse. WHY?

Constant estrogen intake in the form of pills or xenoestrogens causes the estrogen receptors to down regulate. In other words, the woman's body has so much estrogen that the estrogen receptors become less sensitive. Here is a good analogy. Go to a Rock Concert. Upon first entering a Rock Concert, Constant estrogen exposure decreases estrogen sensitvity.  Natural Progesterone restores sensitivity.the music seems very loud. However, after being in the Rock Concert for � hour, the music doesn�t seem so loud any more. Your ears become less sensitive to the music. Your ears down regulate and try to adapt to the louder music. Thus, if you take estrogen supplements, doses of xenoestrogens, or are in perimenopause (age 35-50) after a while, your body will become less sensitive to estrogens. This is because your body has too much estrogen, and the body tries to become less sensitive (much like the Rock Concert). However, when you take topical natural progesterone the estrogen receptors become sensitive to their original sensitivity to estrogen. In other words, when you begin to take progesterone, you regain your original sensitivity to estrogen. Hot flashes typically, but not all the time, disappear. Magnesium deficiencies and Vitamin B deficiencies go away naturally. Restless Leg Syndrome DISAPPEARS. This is an effective treatment for Restless Leg Syndrome.

Natural Progesterone makes you regain your original sensitivity to estrogen. "When you begin to take Natural Progesterone, you regain your original sensitivity to estrogen. Then, you do NOT need any artificial estrogen supplements. Usually."

When taking topical Natural Progesterone, cut back on the dose of estrogen. Dr. Lee recommends immediately cutting back the dose to 1/2 of the normal dose. He recommends stopping the estrogen dose altogether over a period of 3-4 months phasing out the dose of estrogen slowly. He maintains that women's bodies produce enough natural estrogen already. See the graph above!

The Bottom Line

Summary - Estrogen Pills Contribute to Restless Leg Syndrome

In summary, women already get too much estrogen. They produce estrogen themselves from the follicles on their ovaries and from their fat cells premenopause and perimenopause. After menopause, the woman's fat cells produce estrogen. Women also get estrogen (the wrong kind of estrogen) from birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy. Women get estrogen (the wrong kind of estrogen) from chemicals that pretend to be estrogen know as xenoestrogens. These chemicals are present in everyday materials previously thought to be inert such as detergent break down products, plastics used to store water, varnish in food cans used to prevent the "metal" taste, pesticide, and even spermicide. The xenoestrogens (chemical estrogens) have effects that are unnatural. The xenoestrogens make your body to strange things like produce cancer.

In summary, taking natural progesterone will allow your body to regain its natural sensitivity to estrogen. Your body becomes more sensitive to estrogen supplements or xenoestrogens. The solution is to immediately cut the dose of estrogen to 1/2, and DISCONTINUE estrogen supplements altogether over a period of 3-4 months. Cut out as much xenoestrogen intake as possible. The body's internal production of estrogen is more than sufficient.

You won�t need that much estrogen.

Too much estrogen, will lead to Restless Leg Syndrome.

  • Taking natural progesterone will allow your body to regain its natural sensitivity to estrogen.
  • Cut the dose of estrogen to 1/2, and DISCONTINUE estrogen supplements altogether over a period of 3-4 months.

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PMS Improving

I have to go to work but wanted to send a quick email to tell you what a difference this has made in my life.

The first month I had to stop taking and eliminate some more products from my life. The second month though has been going great! I only drink water and some juices now and have purchased both olive oil soap from Elysian Dream and the laundry detergent from Nature it! I am having somewhat tender breasts now (this week) and think that it may be due to the oncoming menstrual cycle. Anyway....the other differences I have experienced are incredible. My mood is so much, even keel and feeling great! Also I have lost 15 pounds in two (2) months without even really trying (this was not something intentional). I still eat the same amount...only now I eat better. The extra fat around my waste line is leaving and almost gone. I am 39 years old and have struggled with monthly issues and breast pain for quite some time. This year the breast pain was becoming extremely severe and my doctor didn't really have any answers. Also a couple lumps were found on my mammogram (diagnosed as cysts). I will write more later to you about this but must leave for work now. Oh, my weight, two months ago was 145 pounds and now I am 130 pounds (had to purchase new clothes). I am getting my body back and my skin has cleared up and my hair feels great (It seemed as though my hair kept thinning and now it has stopped in that I don't seem to have as much falling out when I run my fingers through it). Why don't more people know about this! I have begun telling everyone I know, that will listen.......

Thank you for having your website and sharing this news,


Port Richey, FL

I just placed my second order this morning.

Nov. 29, 2007


Lost Weight
Just a short note to let you know that I am so great. I have removed as many xenoestrogens as possible from my environment, skin and diet, as you advised, for nearly a month now and the improvement has been amazing. I am using the Nature Clean powder detergent, no dryer sheets, Elysian Dream products for hair and skin (fragrance free and those without rosemary and lavendar oils, only ones with olive oil, and the organic, fragrance-free shea butter), and the crystal deodorant vs. regular deodorant (AMAZINGLY better), and we changed all of our household products to the Nature Clean line and no longer use any antibacterial foaming soaps or anything. Just Grandpa's baking soda soap for regular hand washing.

I have lost seven pounds this month, my last period cycle was 28 days (who knew!) and my hair has started to grow back (after four years of thinning!!). The biggest thing is that my body is, quiet, for lack of a better way to describe it! No stomach aches, bloating or headaches, no breast pain and my moods are more consistent day to day. My energy is coming back, skin is great -- I can't believe it.

I think I have finally tapped into what has been ailing me for the past six years and I couldn't be more pleased! I plan to use these products regardless... the "clean" feeling from them is just so great. My husband has been using them too, and we are thrilled!!

Thank you so much!


D.S., Huntington, New York

Dec. 19, 2007

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