Restless Leg Syndrome

RLS - Caused by Xenoestrogens and Phytoestrogens

by Peter Eckhart, MD

Restless Leg Syndrome is cause by a Magnesium deficiency and Vitamin B deficiency. The Magnesium deficiency tenses leg muscles and causes the urge to move them. The burning creeping crawling sensation is due to a Vitamin B deficiency neuropathy (nerve disease). Estrogen Dominance (too much estrogen) causes the Magnesium Deficiency and Vitamin B deficiency. Chemical estrogens (xenoestrogens) absorbed mainly through the skin cause Estrogen Dominance and cause a Magnesium Deficiency and Vitamin B deficiency. After the age of 35, many of the menstrual cycles (anovulatory cycles) do NOT produce progesterone. This can also contribute to Estrogen Dominance. Taking Progesterone, Magnesium, Vitamin B and avoiding Chemical Estrogens (xenoestrogens) cause most cases of Restless Leg Syndrome TO BE CURED. Taking over the counter TOPICAL Natural Progesterone just before bed can give you a nice smooth sleep.

Restless Leg Syndrome is a feeling that you have to move your legs. There may also be a creeping, crawling or burning sensation of the legs.

Magnesium Deficiency causes Twitching of Restless Leg Syndrome

Magnesium Deficiency causes twitching in Restless Leg Syndrome Typically, but not always, the urge to move your legs is caused by a Magnesium deficiency. Magnesium causes relaxation of the muscles in the entire body including the legs. A lack of Magnesium causes the muscles of the legs to tense up. So the solution is to take Magnesium. Make sure to take a Magnesium that is easily absorbed. Take Magnesium Glycinate or Magnesium that is chelated (the absorption rate is 40%). Do NOT take Magnesium Oxide (the absorption rate is only 4%). Take 400 mg/day - 1000 mg/day of Magnesium being careful to spread it out over the entire day. The Magnesium may cause loose stools since it relaxes the muscles of the intestine. So if you get loose stools just cut back on the dose of Magnesium. The Magnesium will relax the muscles of the leg and reduces the urge to move your legs. Typically, health food stores have a high quality Magnesium. The common run of the mill department store magnesium is magnesium oxide and will NOT be absorbed.

Chocolate may exacerbate and calm Restless Leg Syndrome at the same time. Chocolate has one of the highest levels of Magnesium. That is the reason that Restless Leg Syndrome patients may have Chocolate cravings. So if you have chocolate cravings, this is a sign that the Restless Leg Syndrome is caused by a Magnesium deficiency. Do NOT eat chocolate. Chocolate contains chemicals that pretend or mimic estrogen.

Vitamin B Deficiency causes "Creepy Feeling" of Restless Leg Syndrome

Deficiencies in Vitamin B Cause Neuropathies (nerve disease) of Restless Leg Syndrome The creeping, crawling or burning sensation of Restless Leg Syndrome is caused by a Vitamin B deficiency. The Vitamin B deficiency causes a neuropathy meaning a disease of the nerves. Pellagra is a Vitamin B3 deficiency that is characterized by a rash on the backs of the hand, insomnia, aggression, weakness, and a beefy red tongue. Similarly the creeping, crawling, burning sensation of Restless Leg Syndrome is caused by a Vitamin B deficiency. The solution is to take Vitamin B-100 in the morning. Vitamin B is water soluble, and there is no danger of over dosing on Vitamin B (in contrast, vitamins ADEK are fat soluble - these you can over dose). Always take Vitamin B in the morning, NOT at night. Taking Vitamin B at night will give you vivid dreams. So to avoid vivid dreams, take Vitamin B in the morning.

What is causing the Magnesium Deficiency and Vitamin B Deficiency?

Estrogen Dominance causes Magnesium Deficiency and Vitamin B Deficiency

Estrogen Dominance leads to high Copper and Mood Swings Estrogen Dominance causes Magnesium Deficiency and Vitamin B Deficiency. Additionally, Estrogen Dominance causes too high copper. The high copper may give you mood swing changes.

What is Estrogen Dominance?

To put it simply, Estrogen Dominance, is too much Estrogen.

Why do I have too much estrogen?

Estrogen Dominance - 2 Reasons

There are two reasons why you have too much estrogen. The first is that after the age of 35, women mostly, but not all the time, have menstrual cycles that do NOT produce progesterone. This progesterone free menstrual cycle is called an anovulatory menstrual cycle. Natural Progesterone balances out estrogen and without the progesterone, you become estrogen dominant. Prior to age 35, the ovary produces a follicle. The follicle is like a pimple and pops out an egg. The used follicle then becomes the corpus luteum. The corpus luteum produces progesterone. After age 35, the ovary produces the follicle. The follicle does NOT pop out and egg. The follicle just goes back down. No corpus luteum is produced. No Natural Progesterone is produced. This is an anovulatory (no ovulation) menstrual cycle. You have a menstrual cycle after age 35, but most of the time you do NOT produce Natural Progesterone. No Natural Progesterone is produced to balance out the estrogen. You are estrogen dominant.

The second reason women are estrogen dominant or have too much estrogen is that the woman is exposed to chemicals that pretend to be or mimic estrogen. There are more than 100,000 chemicals that are in use in the United States. Some of these chemicals pretend to be estrogen. These chemicals are called xenoestrogens. "Xeno" means foreign. So xenoestrogen means foreign estrogen.

Skin Potency 10 Times Greater

Anything on the skin is 10 times the potency. Anything put on the skin is 10 times the potency of what is put in the mouth. For instance, a 20 mg TOPICAL dose of progesterone is equivalent to a 200 mg ORAL dose of progesterone. So what you put on the skin matters much more than what you eat, in general.

Some of the shampoos, lotions, laundry detergent, and cosmetics pretend to be estrogen and make you estrogen dominant.

Common Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance

Common symptoms of estrogen dominance are PMS or PMDD.

Weight gain on the belly and hips is a symptom. Mood swings before the period. The most common symptom is water retention and breast tenderness right before the period. Estrogen dominance causes thyroid receptor desensitivity. So you become less sensitive to thyroid hormone. This results in a lower body temperature of 97 ish and thinning hair.

Estrogen dominance also causes uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breast disease, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, adenomyosis, and menstrual migraines. This is documented in "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause" by John Lee, MD.

Estrogen Dominance causes Magnesium Deficiency, Vitamin B deficiency, and too high copper.

Get Rid of Estrogen Dominance and Restless Leg Syndrome

So how do you get rid of Estrogen Dominance?

1. Don't put those chemical estrogens (xenoestrogens) on your skin.

2. Take TOPICAL over the counter Natural Progesterone to counter Estrogen Dominance. (too much estrogen).

Estrogen patches deliver estrogen through the skin. Remember the potency of whatever you put on the skin is 10 times of what ever you eat orally.

How does an estrogen patch work? The estrogen goes through the skin.

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The Bottom Line

Summary of Restless Leg Syndrome Cause

1.Restless Leg Syndrome urge to move the legs is caused by a Magnesium Deficiency. Take a chelated Magnesium 400-1000 mg/day, less if you develop loose stools.

2.Restless Leg Syndrome creeping, crawling, burning sensation seems to be due to a neuropathy or nerve disease due to Vitamin B deficiency. Take Vitamin B-100's in the morning not at night to avoid vivid dreams.

3.Estrogen Dominance or too much estrogen due to chemical estrogens causes both Vitamin B deficiency, Magnesium deficiency, and too much copper.

4.Get rid of the chemical estrogens in your environment that mimic or pretend to be estrogen. These chemicals are causing Vitamin B deficiency, Magnesium deficiency and too much copper.

5.Take Natural Progesterone to counter the effects of these chemical estrogens. Take Natural Progesterone just before bedtime for a nice smooth sleep.

6.After about 6 months, if you are really careful about avoiding xenoestrogens and chemical estrogens you may NOT need the Vitamin B, Magnesium, or Natural Progesterone. All your vitamins and minerals will balance out automatically. However, if you cannot avoid these xenoestrogens, then some patients continue to take Natural Progesterone to balance out the xenoestrogens.

7.Caution: if you do NOT avoid xenoestrogens, you may temporarily get worse. If your bloating before the period, does NOT get better OR the bloating gets worse, this means that there is some xenoestrogen or phytoestrogen (plant estrogen) on your skin.

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