Restless Leg Syndrome
Why? and Treatment

Treatment Using Natural Progesterone, Avoiding Xenoestrogens, and Taking Magnesium and Vitamin B

by Peter Eckhart, MD

The most common reason for Restless Leg Syndrome is a magnesium deficiency and Vitamin B deficiency. A magnesium deficiency will cause muscle tightening in the legs with spasms. A Vitamin B deficiency may cause the neurological problem and cause the "crawling creeping feeling on the legs". But what about Restless Leg Syndrome ( RLS ) causes these two deficiencies? According to John Lee, MD, Estrogen Dominance causes Magnesium Deficiency and Vitamin B deficiency.

Estrogen Dominance - Too Much Estrogen

And just what is Estrogen Dominance that causes RLS? Estrogen Dominance is simply too much estrogen. Where is the extra estrogen coming from? It turns out that that some chemicals that we use on our skin in the form of detergents, lotions, cosmetics, and shampoo can pretend to be estrogen. These chemicals are NOT toxic, NOT carcinogenic. These chemicals pretend to be estrogen (xenoestrogens).

Why is the skin entry so important?

The skin entry is so important because anything on the skin is 100% absorbed. However, anything by mouth is 90% inactivated by the liver. For instance, a 20 mg topical dose of Natural Progesterone is equivalent to a 200 mg oral dose. So anything put on the skin is 10 times the oral dose. Mainstream medicine uses estrogen patches on the skin to dose you with estrogen.

Estrogen Dominance was a phrase coined by John Lee, MD meaning too much estrogen in the body. John Lee, MD observed that Natural Progesterone helped many of his patients. John Lee, MD went to Harvard (as an Ivy League undergraduate) and went on to practice medicine in Sevastapol, California for 30 years. He used Natural Progesterone in his practice for his RLS patients with success.

Estrogen Dominance can also cause excessive vaginal bleeding and this can cause an iron deficiency as well.

Do I have Estrogen Dominance? - Too Much Estrogen

The key questions to ask to a premenopausal woman is:

1. Do you have breast tenderness before your period?
2. Do you have bloating and weight gain before your period?

These two questions are affirmative for Estrogen Dominance.


Other less common causes of RLS may include chemicals that stimulate the nervous system like pesticides or new building materials. These chemicals are neurotoxic and may stimulate the muscles to contract.

How does Estrogen Dominance Cause Restless Leg Syndrome?

So let us summarize:

1. Chemicals on the skin pretend to be estrogen (xenoestrogens). These chemicals are absorbed directly into the body.
2. This Causes Estrogen Dominance (too much estrogen).
3. Estrogen Dominance causes a Magnesium Deficiency and Vitamin B Deficiency.
4. Restless Leg Syndrome ( RLS ) has a Magnesium Deficiency and Vitamin B Deficiency as a major feature.
5. Magnesium deficiency causes leg muscles to twitch and tense.
6. Vitamin B deficiency causes nerve disease ("burning" and "crawling" sensation).

Magnesium Deficiency can cause muscles to be tense and the urge to move the legs. Vitamin B deficiency can cause neuropathy and causes the creepy crawly burning sensation feeling.

We all know that estrogen stimulates many breast cancers to grow. According to the American Cancer Society the 2007 lifetime incidence risk for Breast Cancer is 1 out of 8 women. In the 1950's the risk was 1 out of 20.

Where does this excess Estrogen come from?

Why is there is increased risk of breast cancer?

It is widely acknowledged that chemicals can pretend to be estrogen and cause breast cancer. Only 10% of breast cancer is thought to be due to genetic causes. See Breast Cancer Fund . Org under Resources. Chemicals that pretend to be estrogen (xenoestrogens) are now being implicated in the increase in breast cancer.

Have you ever gone to the Middle School lately? Girls seem to be maturing sexually quite early and "filling out". The landmark 1997 Herman-Giddens study showed 15% of girls aged 8 are sprouting breast buds and pubic hair. And the study also showed 5% of girls aged 5 are sprouting breast buds and pubic hair. The cover story of TIME Magazine Oct 30, 2000 implicated chemical estrogens (xenoestrogens) as causing precocious puberty. Children are reaching puberty earlier then ever because of xenoestrogens. Read the TIME Magazine article here. What does this have to do with you? Girls early sexual maturation is evidence that xenoestrogens are working on the population.

Chicken farmers and Beef ranchers have routinely given synthetic estrogen to chicken and cattle to mature and get them to market earlier. The synthetic estrogen causes water retention making the meat much more tender and weigh more. The farmers and ranchers know that synthetic estrogen causes early maturation and water retention. It is a feature of the drug that they give the chickens and cattle. However, when women get PMS and water retention from chemical estrogens, we don't know why. Duh! This is not rocket science.

One of my patients, commented that she knew exactly how the cattle felt!

What does the increasing incidence of breast cancer and precocious puberty have to do with RLS?

The increasing incidence of breast cancer and precocious puberty is evidence that the population is being exposed to chemical estrogens (xenoestrogens).

Too much estrogen causes Magnesium deficiency and Vitamin B deficiency. What could be simpler? RLS patients have a Magnesium deficiency and Vitamin B deficiency.

Live your life More troubling is the recent discovery that 42% of male bass in the Potomac River are producing eggs. These male bass are half male and half female or hemaphrodites. See the article here. In the Platte River, in Colorado, above the sewage outfall the male to female ratio of White Sucker fish is 1:1 or equal with NO hemaphrodites. However, below the sewage outfall, the male to female ratio of White Sucker fish is 1:10 with 10% hermaphrodites. See the article here. Similarly in England, hermaphrodite rainbow trout are found in the rivers that are half male and half female. See the article here. Usually, in nature, hermaphrodites are extremely rare.

What does this have to do with your RLS?

This means that the sewers contain some estrogenic compound that is feminizing the fish.

Where do the sewers come from? The sewers come from your house. Chemicals that come from your house are going into the sewer and feminizing the fish. Chemicals that are used in the house are feminizing the fish. Chemicals (xenoestrogens) in the house are feminizing your daughter early causing precocious puberty. Xenoestrogens in your house are causing estrogen dominance causing Magnesium deficiencies and Vitamin B deficiencies that cause your RLS. You don't get a good sleep. OK. The first band aid RLS treatment is to correct these deficiencies.

Easy 3 Step Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment

Easy 3 Step Solution to get rid of your Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment


OK. So we take Magnesium and Vitamin B to fill these deficiencies. Take a chelated magnesium that is absorbed well. Magnesium Oxide is NOT absorbed well. Don't take too much magnesium all at once or you will get loose stools. Vitamin B is water soluble so you don't have to worry about overdosing. Just take the Vitamin B in the morning. If you take Vitamin B just before you go to bed, then you may not sleep well because of vivid dreams.

But you say, "How do you know I have a Magnesium Deficiency?" I say, "Do you have a chocolate craving just before your period?" You say, "Yes, just before my period, I have a chocolate craving." I say, "Chocolate is high in Magnesium. That is why you have a chocolate craving. Magnesium can help prevent chocolate cravings. So here. Read about chocolate craving and chemicals that mimic estrogen and cause a Magnesium Deficiency."


Take Natural Progesterone. Don't take synthetic prescription Progestins. Natural Progesterone opposes the effect of estrogen. According to any PDR (Physicians Desk Reference), synthetic Progestins cause birth defects. See here the difference between synthetic Progestins and Natural Progesterone. However, in contrast, Natural Progesterone is routinely used by fertility medical doctors (MD's) to prevent 1st trimester miscarriages. Natural Progesterone does NOT cause birth defects. Synthetic Progestins cause birth defects. What would you rather use?


This is the most important step of all and the one people fail at. Get rid of the chemicals that pretend to be estrogen (xenoestrogens). People are not willing to make life style changes. IF you are really good at getting rid of xenoestrogens in your life, THEN after a couple of months you won't need the Natural Progesterone, you won't need the Magnesium, and you won't need the Vitamin B. If you are really good about getting rid of xenoestrogens, you won't need the chocolate.

Neuropathy feels like broken glass Caution: if you do not eliminate xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens (plant estrogens) from your environment, you will temporarily get worse (for 2-3 days after stopping progesterone) taking Natural Progesterone. Bloating just before your period means you are estrogen dominant (have too much estrogen). If your bloating gets better, this means that you have been SUCCESSFUL in getting rid of estrogens in your environment. If you have worse bloating or the same bloating, this means you STILL HAVE estrogen in your environment.

3-4 Months - Thats All It Takes!

Change your Life!

So in 3-4 months you could be Restless Leg Syndrome FREE for the rest of your life.

So here we offer Natural Progesterone with a list of stuff to avoid. Take the Natural Progesterone just before you go to sleep. The Natural Progesterone will make you sleep better.

Eckhart, MD spent 3-4 months of intense study. As of 2007, Eckhart, MD has had 7,000 customers since 1999. Through time sucking interviews, Eckhart, MD learned from my patients what the chemicals are that pretend to be estrogen (xenoestrogens). You get the list FREE with the product.

So what did Eckhart, MD learn from spending 8 years talking to patients? Eckhart, MD learned lots of stuff. For one thing, anything that is on the skin is 10 times the potency of what goes in the mouth. This is because if you take stuff by mouth it is 90% first pass metabolized by the liver. However, on the skin, whatever is on the skin goes directly into the body.

Thus, for example, 20 mg of topical natural progesterone on the skin is equivalent to 200 mg of Natural Progesterone by mouth.

Hmm. This means laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, and cosmetics are more important than what you put in the mouth. This means the garbage you put on the skin is causing the RLS.

Read About Restless Legs Syndrome on our New Website.

Caution: 30-40% of women that take Natural Progesterone topically feel worse temporarily 2-3 days because the women do NOT cut out xenoestrogens. IF you do NOT cut out xenoestrogens, and take Natural Progesterone, THEN there is a 30-40% chance that you will feel worse temporarily. Long term intake of xenoestrogens makes your body become less sensitive to xenoestrogens. Then when you take Natural Progesterone you regain your original sensitivity to estrogen and it seems as though you are getting more estrogen when you are really not. This is sort of like going to a rock concert. Initially, it is loud. Then after half an hour, it is NOT so loud. After you take progesterone, the rock concert seems loud again.

Is health food store stuff better for you?

Health Food store products May or may not be good for you. Did you know that some of the herbs commonly used in health food stuff pretend to be estrogen too? Did you know that lavender creates gynecomastia in young boys. Gynecomastia is male breast enlargement otherwise known as man-boobs. Yes, a pediatric endocrinologist presented this finding at a conference in Denver June 2006. Give your young son lavender oil on his skin, and he will develop man boobs. Read about it here. Lavender causes Gynecomastia (man boobs).

Our Guarantee!

OUR Guarantee!

Try it!

You get a bottle of Natural Progesterone and the Avoidance List for under $30.00.

IF it doesn't work for you, Send it back. We'll refund you for the price of the product. But you will have to pay the shipping to your house and back.

Refund! Refund! Refund! If you try it and don't like it. (except for postage)

Still Don't Believe it?

Well, I didn't believe it at first either.

However, I've been doing this since 1999, and now in 2007 after 7,000 patient/customers, I believe it.

Go READ "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause" by John Lee, MD. Yes, I know you have RLS and are NOT menopausal. But this book has information on Estrogen Dominance, PMS, fibrocystic breast disease, ovarian cysts, endometriosis and the benefits of Natural Progesterone.

The Bottom Line

Restless Leg Syndrome Relief

1. Get a list of xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens. List comes FREE with our product.

2. Avoid the xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens especially on the skin.

3. Use Topical Natural Progesterone to oppose the effect of Estrogen Dominance.

4. Take Magnesium 200-400 mg/day and Vitamin B in the morning (to avoid vivid dreams).

Buy Natural Progesterone!


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Restless Leg Syndrome No More

Dear Sir,

I don't know if you remember me - but I called you several years ago complaining of RLS. You listened and responded that you thought it was caused by the toiletries that I put on the skin. So I simplified my lifestyle getting rid of the "junk" that I put on my skin, AND my RLS was gone! Now, I bike cross country.

Thank you.


I used some of your product just because I thought that Natural Progesterone would be good for me and my RLS disappeared!


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